Cake and Barrage Fireworks

Cake fireworks are also known as barrage fireworks, multi-shot fireworks or batteries. Cake fireworks come in a variety of firing patterns. Find out more below.

Straight Cake Fireworks

As the name suggests, straight cake barrages send their shots straight up vertically into the sky before exploding into a myriad of different effects. From 19 shots to over 100 shots, there are a range of sizes of straight cake fireworks to suit all displays.

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Fanned Cake Fireworks

Fanned barrage fireworks are sky fillers! Each row of the fanned firework barrage fires simultaneously shooting up 5 or more shots at a time in a fan shape. When the shots burst they fill a huge area – like watching fireworks in widescreen!

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W-Shape Cake Fireworks

W-shape cake fireworks or ‘tridents’ fire up three shots at a time – one to the left, one straight up and one to the right which creates the ‘W’ shape. Sometimes the effect in the centre of the w-shape firework will differ from the two outer effects which adds variety and can produce some really lovely combinations of colours.

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Z-Shape Cake Fireworks

Also known as a ‘windscreen wiper’ effect due their firing pattern. Z-shape barrage fireworks shoot their stars up one-by-one working their way from one side to the other. Z-shape firework cakes pepper the sky with shot after shot in one direction. They then work their way back again in the opposite direction. The rate of firing of a z-shape barrage firework can be fast or slow with the faster ones having considerable impact. Z-shape barrage fireworks are real crowd pleasers!

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Compound Cake Fireworks

Relatively new to the fireworks world. Compound cake fireworks are made up of one for more smaller cakes glued and fused together to create one large (or sometimes VERY large!) firework cake. Compound cake fireworks can be a mixture of firing patterns too. Starting off with a straight cake firework and then into a fanned shape cake firework and then maybe a Z-shape cake firework. Pretty mind-blowing! Compound cake fireworks can contain up to 4kg of powder and last up to 4 minutes!

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S.I.B. (single ignition fireworks)

Single ignition fireworks were very popular before the compound cake came into fashion. ‘Show in a box’ (SIB) type fireworks remain popular today.  Light one fuse and stand back and enjoy the display with your spectators. Single ignition fireworks are long duration and designed to be stand-alone items. You may of course wish to add some big rockets for punctuation or as a final ‘full stop’ to your display.

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Cakes and Barrage Fireworks


At Love Fireworks we have a fantastic selection of multi-shot cake fireworks and barrage fireworks on sale for collection or nationwide delivery. Multi-shot firework cakes are more popular than ever. Cake fireworks are available in an endless variety. Multi-shot barrages are used extensively in our own professional fireworks displays. From straight firework barrages for smaller sites to larger fanned firework cakes and z-shaped firework barrages for bigger fireworks displays. Multi-shot cakes and barrage fireworks range in size considerably and much depends on the number of shots. You’ll find small 10 and 19 shot firework cakes as well as HUGE compound cake fireworks and single ignition fireworks. Compound firework barrages can contain in excess of 500 shots and have an explosive weight of up to 4kg! Price wise we have cake fireworks starting at £4.99 for the brilliant Crazy Crocs. Our largest cake is £329.99 for an amazing compound firework cake Juggernaut. This multi-shot firework cake is actually 6 different firework barrages fused together to make one big firework cake with 198 shots and lasts over 2 minutes. But whatever firework cakes or multi-shot barrages you choose from Love Fireworks, you can be sure that they have been carefully selected. They are some of the best firework cakes and firework barrages for sale online today.

Buying Firework Cakes and Firework Barrages online


Ordering your multi-shot cake fireworks or barrage fireworks online from Love Fireworks couldn’t be simpler. Just browse the huge range of firework cakes and barrage fireworks that we have on offer. Be sure to watch all the videos on the barrage fireworks that you like so that you know what you’ll be getting. Add the firework cakes that you like to your basket and checkout. We offer nationwide delivery of your firework cakes and barrages and delivery is FREE on orders over £249. Check out our delivery information page for more details.

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