Single Ignition Fireworks

Display in a box!

Easy to set up

Single Ignition Fireworks are BIG!HIGH IMPACTSET UP IN MINUTES




It doesn't come much easier or more versatile than this type of firework! Simply place on a firm, level surface, light one fuse, stand back and watch in amazement as the fireworks light up the sky! And you get to take all the accolades afterwards!

Single ignition multi shot barrages are ideal for New Year's Eve or to take along to a Bonfire Night gathering when you just want one big firework that is going to impress.

Otherwise known as a display in a box, these fireworks last for a really good duration and produce a fantastic array of sparkling effects. Because these single ignition multi shot barrages are so large, the majority of them are designed for use in wide open spaces. they're so good and produce such superb, sky-filling effects that we often use them in our own professional fireworks displays at Alchemy Fireworks.

There are some, including Loose Cannon, that are classified as a garden firework so safe for viewing at 8 metres. If you're looking for other fireworks suitable for a garden check out our dedicated garden fireworks selection.