From selection boxes for your back-garden display to bespoke packs that we have expertly put together for you, here you’ll find ready-made options for your display with some great savings to be had over buying the items separately.

Bonfire Night Selection Boxes and Fireworks Display Packs

If you organise a fireworks display for a PTA or a local pub or community group, our fireworks display packs are a quick and easy way to buy a ready-made show. Containing a fantastic mixture of rocket packs, cakes and roman candles they contain all the exciting fireworks that you need to entertain large groups of people for up to 20 minutes or more. Our fireworks selection boxes are priced to suit every pocket and are the go-to choice when space is limited or your party has small children in attendance. The selection boxes on offer nearly all contain rockets and they are far superior to the fireworks that you would buy in the major supermarkets which are often 80% packaging and 20% of the exciting stuff! From the best selling Gala Selection Box all the way up to the HUGE Mardi Gras box of fireworks, you can sure of lots of oohs and ahhh’s!

Selection Boxes

Traditional selections of fountains, Roman candles, small cakes, wheels and rockets can be found in our range of selection boxes. Ideal for the smaller back garden bonfire night party these contain a great mixture of different fireworks effects. If you want a longer display you can add on more rockets or larger wheels and fountains. If space is limited visit our Garden Fireworks page to see what’s on offer.

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Large Display Packs

As well as off-the-shelf packs, we’ve put together a range of cakes and Roman candles that we think work well together as a pack and with a saving over buying the items individually. We will be adding to this range over the coming months so keep checking back to see what’s new.

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More Fireworks Display Packs and Selection Boxes

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