Wheels & Fountains

Every display needs a break from the full-on aerial assault and what better way to calm things down than with a fountain or traditional Catherine wheel. We’ve chosen a great range of wheels and fountains to suit all display types.

Wheels and Fountains


What is a Fountain firework?

A fountain produces a stream of sparks, usually silver or gold in colour but they sometimes also contain beautiful coloured chips or a coloured flame at the base of the fountain. The larger the physical size of the fountain the taller the jet of sparks will be and they can reach heights of over 5 metres and are truly spectacular! If you’re looking for quiet fireworks then most of them will be but sometimes they will contain a crackle effect so be aware of that if you’re looking for something purely low-noise.

What are Catherine Wheels?

Nailed to the top of an upright post a Catherine wheel spins on a nail (usually supplied) and creates a flaming swirl of silver and gold sparks and coloured flames. The larger Catherine wheels can last over a minute in duration and are excellent in a larger garden. We have a range of sizes to suit all spaces though and the children will really enjoy the smaller wheels such as Super Spinners.


What’s not to love about the traditional Catherine wheel? Loved by kids and loathed by adults who seemingly can never get one to spin! But that all adds to the fun! We have a range of sizes in stock for both back gardens and larger displays.

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Fountains, or gerbs as they are known professionally, have been present in firework selection boxes since the year dot. But here we have a selection of larger fountains that can reach heights of up to 5m along with some great value, novelty fountains for the children.

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