About Us

Fireworks! Don’t you just love them? I know I do.

LoveFireworks came about during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. I’ve always loved fireworks for as long as I can remember. I have vivid memories of growing up in the 1980’s and visiting a local toy store with my Dad in Barking, Essex called Worrickers. Around October/November time they always had a fantastic selection of fireworks from Standard, Astra, Benwell – all the major brands back then. I remember excitedly looking through the glass countertop on tip-toes at the brightly coloured wrappers and fancy names such as Prince of Wales Feathers and Size 9 Air Bomb battery. We would always end up with a good sized selection box – nothing too fancy or expensive but the excitement was palpable!

I don’t think that that excitement has ever left me! When I got to my teens and was working (this would have been around 1994/95) I spent so much on fireworks that I actually took a loan out to help fund them! In the days when Health and Safety never existed we had huge cakes, German Rockets and aerial shells all in the back garden of a little terraced house in Essex. Safety wise, if I knew then what I know now………

It was around the same time that I was getting itchy feet in the job I was doing. But I didn’t want to leave one job to go and do another where I felt in the same doldrums. I knew fireworks was a difficult industry to get into. It was MUCH smaller back then. And I wanted a full time job – not to be a part time firer! I wrote off to a couple of companies whose displays or fireworks I had been impressed with. One wrote back saying that they weren’t looking for anyone full time but the other wrote back to say ‘come and see us for a chat’. I arrived in a suit, had a chat with their Managing Director and was asked if I wanted to go and help on a local show that night! There I was stood in a muddy field wearing my best suit holding an umbrella over a guy that was fusing flight rockets! Did it put me off? Like hell did it! I managed to get onto a few more shows and worked there during my weeks off from my other job and soon after they offered me a full time job! I was ecstatic! I could get enjoyment setting off fireworks that other people had paid for rather than having to fund my own!

I was there for 13 good years. I started off packing mail order orders, then became Mail Order manager taking orders and advising people over the phone on what fireworks to buy and then I became Display Manager overseeing in excess of 250 shows per year.. I left there in 2007 and, with a colleague, started Alchemy Fireworks which was purely doing professional displays. We’ve gone from strength to strength but in the back of my mind, ever since the beginning, I’ve wanted to sell retail fireworks. I want people to have the same buzz buying fireworks that I used to get. I want them to be as excited about the fireworks as I am. I want them to LoveFireworks! So here we are!

We think that we’ve created something special and unique. There is no other online retailer quite like this. It’s very design led and we always have been since day one. The website is beautifully designed and very easy to navigate. In fact, I think it’s a joy to look at and to use. We’ll be bringing in more of the best products on the market today and welcome any feedback regarding what you would like to see more of. Thanks for taking the time to visit LoveFireworks and enjoy browsing our amazing selection.