The ‘whoosh’ of a rocket is a sound like no other firework, and these will be the mainstay of your aerial displays. Fired from a launch tube they reach heights of up to 60m before filling the sky with canopies of coloured stars.

Single Large Rockets and Rocket Packs


What fireworks display is complete without some rockets? We have them all here for you at Love Fireworks. Our display rockets come in a range of sizes from the smaller rockets suitable for a back garden bonfire night or Halloween celebration to much larger display rockets for wide open spaces and public fireworks displays. You might want a rocket pack (or two!) as an addition to a selection box or you may simply want just one BIG rocket for setting off at a New Years Eve party. At Love Fireworks we give you the choice.

Rocket Packs

We’ve done the hard work and chosen the pick of the crop of rocket packs out there. There are smaller rocket packs for where space is limited and larger rockets in packs for bigger spaces and larger displays.

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Single Rockets

Sometimes you just want one BIG rocket burst to feature at the end of your display or for some punctuation throughout. Or maybe you just like the big stuff! We’ll be adding more to this range over the coming months so keep checking back if this is your thing!

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More Big Rockets & Rocket Packs

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