If you’re looking for portfires to light your fireworks (and you really should be!) you’ll find them here along with packs of sparklers, rocket launching tubes and a myriad of other interesting firework related items that we love but perhaps don’t fit into any other category!

Sparklers & Portfires

Make sure you have enough portfires for lighting your fireworks. These are designed for lighting larger fireworks and are SO much easier than the typical wick. You can tape the portfire onto a stick too to give you more space between you and the fireworks. We also have a great range of sparklers including coloured, crackling and, for the eco and safety conscious among you, a BRAND NEW sparkler which burns away to nothing. Take a look!

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Indoor Fireworks

Table bombs for parties, indoor fountains for cake decorations, and yes, ACTUAL indoor fireworks! These have proved EXTREMELY popular and for those of you who are old enough to remember the originals back in the 90’s (yes, the ones that stained your mum’s best plates!) here they are for you again!

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Daylight Fireworks

Yes, there is indeed such a thing! We’ll be expanding this range considerably over the next few months but many celebrations now include some daylight effects. These could be brightly coloured parachutes, vivid coloured smokes or even nighttime fireworks that work just as well in daylight.

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Gender Reveal Fireworks

Is it a Boy? Is it a girl? Gender reveal parties are the latest trend and couples are finding wackier ways to reveal the gender of the upcoming new arrival! Gender reveal fireworks are just one of them and we have a selection of them here.

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New Years Eve Fireworks

There’s no better way to see in the New Year than with fireworks! We’ve done all the hard work for you and grouped what we think are the best New Years Eve fireworks all in one place.

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Party Goods

A fantastic range of party goods including King’s Coronation themed cups and plates and Ghoulishly good Halloween props!

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More Other

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