Traditional firework selections of fountains, Roman candles, small cakes, wheels and rockets can be found in our range of fireworks selection boxes. Ideal for the smaller back garden bonfire night party, our great value range of fireworks box sets contain a great mixture of different fireworks effects. If you want a longer display you can add on more rockets or larger wheels and fountains. If space is limited visit our Garden Fireworks page to see what’s on offer.

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What kind of firework selection packs do you sell?

The majority of our wide range of selection boxes of fireworks on offer here nearly all contain rockets and they are far superior to the fireworks that you would buy in the major supermarkets which are often 80% packaging and 20% of the exciting stuff! From the best selling Gala Selection Box all the way up to the HUGE Mardi Gras box of fireworks, you can be sure of lots of oohs and ahhh’s!

What are firework selection boxes?

Rather than having just one fuse to light as you do with larger fireworks, with a selection box you get lots of smaller fireworks with plenty of fuses to light. We think that kind of adds to the fun of fireworks! It also means that you can decide on the order of the fireworks and make up your own little display!

Why buy a box of fireworks?

Nothing brings back childhood memories than a section pack of fireworks. A box of different, colourful wrapped fireworks with weird and wonderful names! The excitement of taking them out one by one and lighting them never knowing quite what each firework is going to do. Nothing says tradition quite like a selection box of fireworks!