Welcome to lovefireworks!

Glenn from LoveFireworks holding a large shell firework at Leeds Castle
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Welcome to lovefireworks!

Welcome to LoveFireworks!

If you love fireworks as much as we do then you’ve come to the right place! Our owner, Glenn, has loved fireworks since he was a child. Fascinated with fire as a small boy his passion for fireworks grew through school and into his late teens when he even took a loan out to pay for his passion! Tired of his job at Sainsbury’s and desperate to be in fireworks full time he wrote to a few UK fireworks companies and was eventually offered a job picking and packing retail orders and doing professional displays at weekends. 12 years later and with plenty of experience under his belt he took the plunge and started Alchemy Fireworks which Glenn still runs today. Alchemy is a very successful professional display company putting on shows at venues such as Leeds Castle, Thorpe Park and Hampton Court. 2020 marks Glenn’s 25th year full time in the industry. He has never lost his passion for fireworks and with 2020 being a complete washout as far as organised, professional fireworks displays go, lovefireworks.co.uk was born! We want to bring our passion to you. We’ve picked what we think are the cream of the crop as far as retail fireworks are concerned. 90% of the material we’re bringing to you we proudly use on our own professional displays up and down the country. We’ve got more to add to the website in terms of products and deals and features to make the process of buying fireworks as fun as the fireworks themselves! Alchemy Fireworks has always been a design led company and this shows throughout lovefireworks.co.uk. We hope you find it easy to navigate, full of useful information and most importantly, full of amazing fireworks that you’ll love!

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