Bonfire Night 2021 – latest fireworks news

Bonfire Night 2021
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Bonfire Night 2021 – latest fireworks news

What’s the latest fireworks news for Bonfire Night 2021?

It’s been a strange year in the fireworks world. In one way it’s been busy with wedding fireworks displays rolled over from last years’ lockdowns and it’s great to be back out doing shows once again. But there is still a lot of uncertainty going forward and people are wondering what the Autumn months are going to bring. One thing is for certain though – the cost of fireworks is on the way up and the level of supply this year is on the way down 😞

Shipping containers are in short supply. Many are dotted around the world filled with PPE and there is a major shortage in China where the majority of fireworks are shipped from. There have been factory shut-downs in China due to the weather and that has had a major impact on production. Getting hazardous cargo aboard already full vessels has also been a major headache as well as ships not being able to sail into Felixstowe so diverting to Rotterdam and having to be brought to the UK by road. To give you an idea of the increase in shipping costs, in 2019 and 40ft shipping container full of fireworks would cost around $7,500 to ship. Today, the shipping cost is $33,000!!!

Understandable, importers can’t afford to stomach all of these increases and their prices to us have increased and we are finding that we are unfortunately going to have to pass these on. You will see an increase of at least 25% across our range of fireworks this year once stocks start to arrive. We have also heard that around only 1/3 of the usual amount of fireworks will enter the UK this year. There will be major shortages country-wide, including in the major supermarkets. We placed orders back in the early part of this year ready for Bonfire Night 2021 and are only now finding out that we will get only a fraction of what we requested with some lines not coming in at all!

So, all in all, Bonfire Night 2021 will be one of the most challenging for importers, sellers and buyers alike. Our recommendation is to buy early. Stocks WILL sell out on a lot of lines. If you’re waiting for a line to come into stock, call us and reserve it. We can tell you when (or if!) it’s due in and you can add to your order at any time before despatch. While you’re here, take a look at our range of selection boxes where we have something to suit all budgets and gardens.


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