Easy Single Ignition Fireworks

single ignition firework ready to set off
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Easy Single Ignition Fireworks

Single Ignition Fireworks

There is a lot to be said for convenience these days. Many people want a single firework to take to a bonfire night party or one big firework for a celebration. This is where single ignition fireworks and compound cakes come in VERY useful! The difference between a single ignition firework and a compound cake is simply this. A compound cake is any number of individual cakes fused together to fire sequentially and a single ignition is one BIG firework with one fuse that runs throughout. But essentially they perform the same task. Literally these ‘displays in a box’ can be put on the floor, secured so that they can’t fall over and away you go. Up to 2 minutes (and sometimes more) of fantastic fireworks action while you stand back with your amazed spectators and admire your handy work. For smaller wedding fireworks displays we will sometimes use 2 or 3 single ignition barrages with a few aerial shells over the top for punctuation. We have quite a range of single ignition fireworks on sale at Love Fireworks. Loose Cannon by Vivid Pyrotechnics is an amazing single ignition firework that is category F2 which means that it is safe to use in a back garden – so long as you can get the audience 8m away! Mother Load by Celtic Fireworks is an 85 shot single ignition. Slightly less duration at 50 seconds but it has some excellent effects including some sky-filling fanned shots and a wonderful finale. And for the quiet fireworks lovers out there, brand new this year from Celtic Fireworks is Guilty Pleasure. Graceful golden horsetails, swirling silver spinners and fluttering falling leaves are included in this brilliant pet and neighbour friendly firework. If you want something easy to set up on the night but also something that is really going to wow your guests you can’t go far wrong with a display in a box!

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