Large Firework Packs

For clubs, pubs and enthusiasts!

A lot of bang for your buck!



Browse our large range of pre-made firework packs. We've taken out the hassle of choosing your own fireworks and offer here well balanced display packs containing multi-shot barrages, display firework rockets and large roman candles to light up the night sky. There's a pack of big fireworks here to suit all budgets but if you can't find what you're looking for, give the friendly Love Fireworks team a call and we'll be very happy to put something together for you!

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What is in a large fireworks display pack?

Our firework display packs are filled with multi shot fireworks, large rocket fireworks and roman candles. Some packs consist of just display firework cakes which are the mainstay of most displays.

Why buy a large firework display pack?

We've done all the work for you! Just add elements to your basket and within a few clicks you have everything you need to put on a brilliant night of fireworks action. Of course, you can still browse and add on more rockets if you want to!

I can't find something that suits my budget. Can you put a pack of fireworks together for me?

Sure! Just drop the friendly Love Fireworks team a line and tell them how much you want to spend and they'll be only too happy to help!

I don't have the space for some of these larger fireworks. Does that mean I can't have a display?

No, definitely not! As long as you have a minimum of 8 metres safety distance the majority of our selection boxes of fireworks will work for you or take a look at our Garden Fireworks category showing all that's on offer for the smaller garden.