New Years Eve Fireworks

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Happy New Year!


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The best New Years Eve fireworks that money can buy!

New Years Eve. What better way to see in the New Year than with fireworks. At Love Fireworks we have a huge selection of the best fireworks for your New Years Eve party. These are simply the best fireworks for your New Years Eve party. Very easy to set up. Light one fuse and stand back with your friends and family to enjoy the spectacle as hundreds of brightly coloured starbursts light up the night sky to see in the New Year. Single ignition boxes are, put simply, a display in a box! These multi shot barrages will send up wave after wave of colours and bursts and they can last upwards of one minute each! Compound cakes are a bit of a ‘big brother’ to the single ignition boxes. They can have an explosive weight of up to 4kg and can last up to 4 minutes each with a variety of firing patterns. Fireworks for New Years Eve have never been so easy! Don’t forget to add your portfires so that you’re not fumbling around with matches or a lighter in the heat of the moment!