New Year’s Eve Fireworks 2022 – Best Picks!

New Year's Eve Fireworks 2022
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New Year’s Eve Fireworks 2022 – Best Picks!

Fireworks for New Year’s Eve

We can’t quite believe that New Year’s Eve is nearly upon us once again. Where did that year go?! Once again we bring you a list of what we feel are the ideal fireworks for your New Year’s Eve celebration. All of these are simple to set up and are designed to give a fantastic fireworks display from lighting just one fuse (apart from the rocket packs obvs!).

Furious Angels is new to our range of fireworks this year and is the perfect New Year’s Eve firework for all you noise lovers out there! 36 shots of howling silver tails to loud titanium reports. No colour. No pretties. No messing! This is designed for pure out-and-out noise! We don’t usually market fireworks that are designed just for their noise effects but hey, it is New Year’s Eve after all!

  • Furious Angels

    What Primed Pyrotechnics say about Furious Angels:

    Effects: Long whistles to salutes

    What Love Fireworks say:

    For all you noise lovers out there! Howling wolves to sharp titanium reports. Great as a finale…

    Original price was: £78.00.Current price is: £45.00.

Juggernaut is 6 cakes (yes, 6!!!) fused into one GIGANTIC compound cake! 198 shots lasting 2 minutes and all from one fuse. It’s so quick and easy to set up and contains some stunning effects and colours in a variety of firing patterns.

  • Juggernaut

    What Bright Star Fireworks say about Juggernaut:

    198 shot compound cake. This is a 1.3G barrage.

    What Love Fireworks say:

    A HUGE 198 shot compound cake consisting of 6 individual cakes fused…

    Original price was: £575.00.Current price is: £289.99.

The Reapers Rocket Pack. These have been on order for nearly a year and we are REALLY hoping that they make it into the UK in time for New Year’s Eve this year! As always from the Vivid Pyrotechnics camp, these pack a mighty punch are are proper sky filling rockets. And at £6 per rocket you can’t go wrong. These will sell like hot cakes (or should that be hot rockets?!)

  • Reapers Rocket Pack

    What Vivid Pyrotechnics say about Reapers rocket pack:

    REAPERS – 5 PACK ROCKETS 68g 🔥💯☠💥

    What Love Fireworks say:

    Vivid’s answer to the very popular Space Hawk rocket pack. These rockets REALLY pack…

    Original price was: £39.99.Current price is: £29.99.

Stick or Twist is an absolute BEAST of a compound cake! It’s 30mm calibre means huge, sky-filling bursts and with multiple firing patterns including fan shaped and v-shaped it’s a real crowd pleaser too.

  • Stick or Twist

    What Primed Pyrotechnics say about Stick or Twist:

    Stick Or Twist – Compound Barrage
    98 Shots
    Bore Size – 30mm
    Category f3
    NEQ – 2kg

    Duration – 72secs
    Size – 620x300x225

    Effects – Silver spinner tail to titanium salute…

    Original price was: £320.00.Current price is: £220.99.

High Impact is our longest duration cake at a whopping 4 MINUTES! Yes, 4 minutes of brilliant aerial action from one firework! Incredible! Not only that, it’s safe for viewing from 8m so will suit most back gardens. This really is New Year’s Eve in a box!

  • High Impact

    What Absolute Fireworks say about High Impact:

    The name says it all. High Impact packs six display quality cakes into one compound firework, with each cake being connected together at the…

    Original price was: £229.99.Current price is: £222.00.

Silent But Deadly is an enormous display in a box from Celtic Fireworks. The main difference between this and the rest of our hot list of the best New Year’s Eve fireworks is that this one is low-noise! Yes! A quiet New Year’s Eve firework! We think it’s the only low-noise compound cake on the market today. It’s got an 8m safety distance so it’s perfect for the smaller back garden, it’s got an amazing 195 shots in a variety of firing patterns and it lasts for a minute and a half. It’s one VERY impressive cake!

  • Silent but deadly

    What Celtic Fireworks say about Silent but Deadly:

    A wonderful quiet long duration cake, with a real range of interesting and colourful effects. Silver chrys tails with mines, spit dahlias, fish,…

    Original price was: £421.49.Current price is: £199.99.

Velocity is another Vivid Pyrotechnics cake and, once again, it really is the business! 2kg of explosives makes this one of the more powerful New Year’s Eve fireworks and it shows from the second you light it! 224 shots and 20mm calibre – although you wouldn’t think it when you see the size of the bursts! It’s jaw-droopingly good!

  • Velocity

    What Vivid Pyrotechnics say about Velocity:

    Maximum impact. Breath taking performance.

    What Love Fireworks say:

    This monster 224 shot compound cake is part of VIVID’s fantastic new Asylum range. 2kg of powder make…

    Original price was: £169.99.Current price is: £135.99.

So there you have it. 7 of the best New Year’s Eve fireworks on the market and on sale at Love Fireworks. Of course, if nothing here takes your fancy there are loads more fireworks on sale in our New Year Mega Sale. Go and take a look!

Of course, not everybody wants to set off their own fireworks on New Years Eve. Maybe you’re looking for a professional fireworks display company to fire an amazing and special New Year’s Eve fireworks display for you? In that case, look no further! Our parent company Alchemy Fireworks Ltd  provide professional fireworks displays up and down the country at venues such as Leeds Castle and Hampton Court Palace. Take a look at their website and get in touch with them if you’d like to book a professional display for your New Year’s Eve party!

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