Gender Reveal Fireworks

Gender reveal fireworks
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Gender Reveal Fireworks

Fireworks for gender reveal parties

Gender reveal parties are becoming more and more popular here in the UK. We take a look at what’s on offer if you want to use some great fireworks to reveal the surprise!

It’s one of the most exciting times of every couples’ lives. You’re having a new baby and no-one but you knows the sex. Is it a boy? Or it a girl? Gender reveal parties were generally unheard of in the UK having been very common in the USA for a number of years. But that trend is making its way across the pond and gender reveal parties are becoming extremely popular.

People are looking for more and more innovative ways to reveal the sex of their upcoming addition to friends and family and using fireworks for gender reveal parties and/or pyrotechnics is a growing trend.

At Love Fireworks we have a number of gender reveal fireworks for gender reveal parties and effects including hand-held coloured smoke generators and ice fountains for decorating cakes.  We will increase our range this year to include blue fireworks and pink fireworks effects. We will also be stocking confetti cannons for indoor use filled with either blue or pink confetti. For now these are the exciting gender reveal items that we have for sale at Love Fireworks:

Blue Smoke generator

These are great if you get a few for people to set off at the same time! Pull the ring pull and the hand-held canister will emit a minute of gorgeous deep blue coloured smoke for over 45 seconds leaving your guests in no doubt that it’s a boy!

Pink Smoke generator

Pink isn’t an easy colour to produce in fireworks but these fantastic gender reveal pink smoke hand-held grenades are bang on the money! As with the blue version above, they work best when set off ‘en masse’ and will fill the sky with a stunning powder pink smoke to break it to your party guests that it’s a boy!

‘It’s a BOY’ ice fountain cake decoration

No party is complete without a cake surely?! These ‘It’s a Boy’ ice fountains are the perfect cake decoration for your gender reveal party. So much more impressive than a candle and completely safe to use indoors. These send up a shower of silver sparks and the fountain is embellished with a really cute ‘It’s a BOY’ motif.

‘It’s a GIRL’ ice fountain cake decoration

As above but a ‘girl’ version and embellished with a very pretty ‘It’s a GIRL’ emblem.

**UPDATE 16TH MARCH 2021**

These exciting new gender reveal fireworks for gender reveal parties have just come into stock and are sure to be a big hit. Big bursts of blue or powerful peonies in pink. For something a little quieter we also have Red Dreamtails which is a gorgeous quiet fireworks shooting up big fluffy tails with pinkish red tips.

Blue Peony with tails and blue star mines

Pink Peony with tails and blue star mines

Red Dreamtails

Keep an eye out on our Gender Reveal fireworks page over the coming months. We are expecting lots more exciting gender reveal products to arrive and be added to the website. These will include traditional gender reveal fireworks that produce bursts of colour in pink or blue! We will have a choice of quiet gender reveal fireworks or noisy variations to suit. We are also going to be stocking pink and blue confetti cannons. So if fireworks aren’t suitable or the party is strictly indoors only you can still add a little bit of razzmatazz!

Of course, if you’re doing things BIG you might need a professional fireworks display at your gender reveal party! In which case look no further than Alchemy Fireworks for a truly memorable display. They will carry out a site visit and check that the space you have is suitable. They’ll provide you with all the necessary H&S paperwork and create and fire an absolutely jaw-dropping fireworks display for you (to music if you wish). And it’s all backed with £10 million insurance!

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