The best garden fireworks

The best garden fireworks
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The best garden fireworks

What are the best garden fireworks to buy in the UK?

Not everyone has acres of space to set their fireworks off in safely and back gardens in the UK are seemingly getting smaller and smaller. That said, there is still PLENTY of choice for you when it comes to great fireworks for smaller spaces.

When you browse our website you’ll probably be a bit taken aback with the range on offer. Which ones are quiet? Which ones need a lot of space? Which fireworks are suitable for my back garden? Well, don’t panic! We have already broken the items down into categories for you so you don’t have to spend hours searching.

Simply click on Garden Fireworks and you’ll be faced with all the best garden fireworks which are suitable for a smaller space. Many of these are safe for viewing at a distance of 8m although the Anthem selection box has a safe viewing distance of just 1 metre so should be safe in just about ANY garden!

Whilst garden fireworks are usually small in stature they still pack a punch so don’t let the fact that they’re garden fireworks fool you. We use many in our shows at Alchemy Fireworks – that’s how good they are! Following is our selection of what we think are just a few of the best garden fireworks to buy in the UK today;

The best Garden rocket packs

Not many rockets are suitable for back gardens but here are some which are and which give a good sized burst for their size.

Top Ten rockets are a pack of 6 rockets with excellent effects.

Delta Force rocket pack – like mini rockets of old!

  • Delta Force Rocket Pack

    What Bright Star fireworks say about Delta Force rocket pack:
    EFFECTS: Whistling to crackling effect.

    What Love Fireworks say:
    These rockets may be small. The bursts may not be massive. But we LOVE…


Power Pulse rocket pack. Not huge bursts but a lot of rockets for the price.

  • Power Pulse Rocket Pack

    What Bright Star fireworks say about Power Pulse rocket pack:
    Effects include:
    Small Rockets:
    (A) Red glitter.
    (B) Green glitter.
    (C) Silver glitter.
    (D) Purple glitter.
    Medium Rockets:
    (E) Silver falling leaves with red glitter.
    (F) Golden glitter with…


The best Garden multi-shot barrage fireworks

Happy Trolls – a family favourite. Great packaging with effects to match

  • Happy Trolls

    What Absolute Fireworks say about Happy Trolls:
    Amazing 25 Shot garden firework with an unusual glitter twisting tail on the way up, breaking in a mix of blues, reds, gold’s, a…


Mars by Jorge. In fact the whole range of small Jorge cakes is terrific!

  • Mars

    What Jorge Fireworks say about Mars:
    Mars fires 16 superb punchy shots which start with large crackling bursts followed by a sequence of red star bursts. Then blue star bursts with…


Spellbound. The biggest back garden firework on offer at Love Fireworks.

  • Spellbound

    What Bright Star fireworks say about Spellbound:

    (A) Red tail to brocade and titanium gold coconut to red
    (B) Green tail to brocade and titanium gold coconut to green
    (C) Blue…


The best Garden fountain fireworks

Glacier Rising by Celtic Fireworks. This is a BIG fountain and will look great in any garden display!

  • Tears Of An Angel

    What Celtic Fireworks say about Tears of an Angel:
    Silver/Gold colour change fountain.

    What Love Fireworks say:
    Tears of an Angel by Celtic Fireworks is a professional grade fountain producing graceful silver flittering…


Beaming Bertie. An excellent novelty fountain with light up eyes!

Crackling Fountain. An excellent mid-sized fountain with a great crackle effect.

  • Crackling Fountain

    What Jorge Fireworks say about Crackling Fountain:
    The 8″ Crackling Conic Fountain Fires a relentless torrent of multi coloured crackling stars up to 5 metres high into the sky, over a…


The best Garden Catherine wheel fireworks

Carousel Wheel by Zeus. An award winning wheel and rightly so.

  • Carousel Square Wheel

    What Zeus Fireworks say about Carousel square wheel:
    Large catherine wheel spinning through stages of glittering red, green and titanium crackle flower, approximately 35cm with a duration of 45 seconds.

    What Love…


Galaxy Spray wheel. A fantastic mid-sized wheel.

Snap, Crackle and Pop wheel. A small garden wheel but with big effects.

  • Snap Crackle Pop wheel

    What Jonathan’s Fireworks say about Snap Crackle Pop Wheel:
    Excellent medium sized wheel creating a long lasting effect.
    What Love Fireworks say:
    The physical size of this wheel does nothing to promote its…


So, there you have it. The Love Fireworks run-down of what’s hot in the garden fireworks market today. These are just a few picks from our vast range of what we sell and think are the best garden fireworks you can buy so do check out the full garden fireworks section including a fantastic range of selection boxes.

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