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Roman Candles are one of the more traditional types of firework. Candle fireworks consist of a tube containing multiple shots. Roman candles in the UK can range from a single shot up to over 300 multiple shots and can contain a huge variety of effects. Due to the shape and size of Roman candle fireworks they are easy to angle and roman candles look fantastic when fired in pairs in a V-formation or even more in a fan shape!

Roman candles are used extensively in fireworks shows in the UK and in our own professional fireworks displays at Alchemy Fireworks. They are an extremely versatile firework and they come in such a large array of colours and effects. The other advantage roman candles have is that many are low noise fireworks and you'll see them featured quite heavily in our Quiet Fireworks range. Our fireworks display packs will also usually include at least one multi shot roman candle too.

If you want to buy Roman candles in the UK you'll find a great range on sale here at Love Fireworks and we're certain you'll find at least one Roman candle firework to buy that you'll like. We think that they should be a part of every fireworks display!