Best Firework Cakes for 2020

Best firework cakes for 2020
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Best Firework Cakes for 2020

Some of the top consumer fireworks for sale in the UK

With Bonfire Night in the UK fast approaching we thought that it it’s a good time to bring you our guide to what Love Fireworks think are the best firework cakes that you should be looking to add to your own parties and celebrations this year.

Cake Fireworks Types

Cakes are also known as barrages and are all multi-shot fireworks. They range in duration from 5 seconds for the ‘dump’ style cakes that fire all their shots together up to over 4 minutes for the largest compound cakes. The calibre of the individual types can be 15mm up to 30mm and some of the larger cakes will contain a mixture of calibres What are the 6 types of consumer cakes available to buy in the UK today? Here’s a rundown;

Straight Cakes

As the name suggests, these fire their shots straight up into the air one after the other. If space is limited these are the best type of firework cakes to go for.

Fanned Cakes

Fanned cakes shoot 5 or more shots into the sky at a time  in a fan shape. These are probably the barrage to go for if you want a sky filler!

W-Shape Cakes

Think of a 3 pronged fork! 3 shots lift at a time in a W-formation. Sometimes the centre effect will be different from the outside two effects.

Z-Shape Cakes

Similar to fanned barrages but Z-shape cakes fire their shots into the sky one at a time working across from left to right and back again producing a windscreen wiper effect. They really have the wow-factor!

Single Ignition Fireworks (display in a box)

The predecessor of the compound cake (see below) these really are so easy to use and are ideal if your asked to bring one firework to a bonfire night party! Light one fuse and stand back as up to 2 minutes of fireworks erupt from the box!

Compound Cakes

The BIG brother to the single ignition! The main difference is that these are more then one firework cake joined and fused together to make one HUGE firework lasting up to 4 minutes and containing up to 4kg of explosive! They can be multi-directional too so they may start off as a straight cake and then turn into a fanned cake and subsequently a Z-shape cake! The possibilities are endless!

Best firework cakes for top deals

Our deals at Love Fireworks change and are added to regularly but here are a few of the best firework cakes currently on special offer.

Pyro Mix 6 is a great compound cake from Jorge and is currently on special offer.

China White from Celtic Fireworks is a fantastic 100 shot straight cake.

  • China White

    What Celtic Fireworks say about China White:

    100 shot barrage with stunning silver strobe mines and silver strobe bursts above.

    What Love Fireworks say:

    Diamonds really are forever! An absolutely stunning example…

    Original price was: £99.99.Current price is: £69.99.

Shock ‘n’ awe from Bright Star Fireworks does exactly what is says on the tin!

Best firework cakes for home use

We have a great range of small garden fireworks including smaller cakes suitable to use in your back garden. Ideal for smaller spaces of if you don’t want anything too loud! There are some of the best firework cakes for home use.

Fluff is by far one of our favourite garden cakes and it’s a low noise firework too!

  • Fluff

    What Celtic Fireworks say about Fluff:

    16 shot cake. Silver spinners cake, a great low noise firework.

    What Love Fireworks say:

    We really do LOVE this little 16 shot cake. Fluff describes it…

    Original price was: £14.49.Current price is: £9.99.

Sundae Split is a very colourful crossette cake where each individual star splits into four!

  • Sundae Split

    What Celtic Fireworks say about Sundae Split:

    A quiet 19 shot cake. Lovely pastel coloured crossettes, peach, lemon and orange crossettes each with their own coloured tail.

    What Love Fireworks say:

    Sundae Split…

    Original price was: £31.99.Current price is: £22.49.

Uran is a brilliant small garden firework with a really unusual swimming star effect!

  • Uran

    What Jorge Fireworks say about Uran:

    Do not under-estimate this category 2 Firework. It is not a fountain! it is an impressive 20mm calibre aerial firework that begins with white mines…

    Original price was: £16.00.Current price is: £14.00.

Best firework cakes for noise

If noise is more your ‘thing’ then look no further than these noisy cakes! Here are some of the best firework cakes for noise.

Standing Ovation from Vivid Pyrotechnics should be in EVERY display! A brilliant finale firework it send up a lift of screamers to a cloud of bangs and crackles!

Super Crack by Celtic Fireworks is 100 shots of crackling mines with a cacophony of crackling bursts above! Crackle-tastic!

Crazy Whistling Comets by Jorge is one of the best whistle cakes on the UK fireworks market!

  • Crazy Whistling Comets

    What Jorge Fireworks say about Crazy Whistling Comets

    Crazy Whistling Comets is loud, hilarious and great fun! Suitable for all ages this 300 shots missile cake fires a relentless torrent of…

    Original price was: £26.00.Current price is: £24.00.

Best firework compound cakes

If you like ease of use you really can’t go too far wrong with a compound cake. Place it on firm, level ground, ensure it can’t fall over, light one fuse and stand back to enjoy a display in a box!

Velocity from Vivid Pyrotechnics is a new item for 2020 and it a sure fire winner!

  • Velocity

    What Vivid Pyrotechnics say about Velocity:

    Maximum impact. Breath taking performance.

    What Love Fireworks say:

    This monster 224 shot compound cake is part of VIVID’s fantastic new Asylum range. 2kg of powder make…

    Original price was: £169.99.Current price is: £135.99.

Juggernaut from Bright Star Fireworks is a big compound cake – and we mean BIG!

  • Juggernaut

    What Bright Star Fireworks say about Juggernaut:

    198 shot compound cake. This is a 1.3G barrage.

    What Love Fireworks say:

    A HUGE 198 shot compound cake consisting of 6 individual cakes fused…

    Original price was: £575.00.Current price is: £289.99.

Silent but Deadly from Celtic Fireworks is also new for 2020 and is one of the very few quiet compound cakes on the UK fireworks market today.

  • Silent but deadly

    What Celtic Fireworks say about Silent but Deadly:

    A wonderful quiet long duration cake, with a real range of interesting and colourful effects. Silver chrys tails with mines, spit dahlias, fish,…

    Original price was: £421.49.Current price is: £199.99.

Don’t forget your sparklers!

So there you have it! Our take on some of the top consumer fireworks cakes on the market for 2020. But no fireworks party is complete without some sparklers and you don’t have to go to Tesco to get them! We have the full range here!

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