Wheel Safety Tips

Always read the instructions on the firework.

Follow the directions as instructed on the fireworks warning label. Please be aware of the required safety distances for firers and spectators.

  • Attach the wheel securely to an upright post (by means of the nail supplied) through the hole in the centre of the wheel.
  • Make sure the wheel is free to spin.
  • Remove orange fuse cover.
  • Standing sideways, at arm’s length light the tip of the fuse and retire immediately to the stated distance on the firework label.

Additional Safety Tips: Ensure the post that you attach the wheel to is sturdy. If you nail to wheel close to the top of the post with a very slight angle backwards there is less likelihood that the wheel can snag against the post when turning. Ensure the wheel is free to spin before lighting.

Be sure to check out our full safety guide page.