Roman Candles Safety Tips

Always read the instructions on the firework.

Follow the directions as instructed on the fireworks warning label. Please be aware of the required safety distances for firers and spectators.

  • Place firework on flat ground. You can put a board underneath if the ground is uneven. Bang a stake or post into the ground until it is secure and attach the firework to the back of the stake so that the stake is between the firework and your audience. That way if the firework becomes unattached and falls over it will fall AWAY from the spectators.  You can attach the Roman candle to the stake using strong tape (2″ gaffer) or by using cable ties. Attach in the middle and at the top end of the firework.
  • Locate the fuse which will usually be under an orange cover labelled ‘FUSE’. Remove the orange fuse cover and if required pull fuse through the cellophane wrap.
  • Ensuring no part of your body is over the firework and standing sideways, at arm’s length light the tip of the fuse and retire immediately to the stated distance on the firework label.

Additional safety tips:

Roman candles can reach heights of up to 12 metres so ensure you have enough space and that there are no overhanging trees or wires.

Angle roman candles slightly away from the spectators so that the debris lands in your fallout area. Never throw spent fireworks onto a bonfire – ESPECIALLY roman candles as quite often shots can remain inside and will shoot off in random directions. Although F2 fireworks are safe for viewing at 8m, for some items we recommend a 15m safety distance. This is shown next to the individual items.

Be sure to check out our full safety guide page.