Rockets Safety Tips

Always read the instructions on the firework.

Follow the directions as instructed on the fireworks warning label. Please be aware of the required safety distances for firers and spectators.

  • Insert the launch tube into the ground or attach securely to a stake and angle slightly away from spectators. Ensure tube is secure and can not fall over.
  • Insert rocket stick into launch tube and make sure that the rocket is free to rise.
  • Remove the orange fuse cap from the rocket.
  • Ensure no part of your body is over the firework. Standing sideways and at arm’s length light the tip of the fuse and retire immediately to the stated distance on the firework label.

Additional safety tips: Rockets should be set up angled slightly away from your spectators. It is important to remember though that rockets will track INTO the wind. The surface area of the stick is greater than that of the head so any wind will push the rocket over into the direction of the wind. Due to the nature of the flight of rockets, if it’s a very windy night consider NOT firing them or sending up a test rocket in daylight so that you can ascertain where the spent rockets are going to land. Although some of our smaller rockets are F2 and labelled for viewing at 8m, we recommend a minimum of 15m. This is shown in the info box next to each rocket.

Be sure to check out our full safety guide page.