Cake Safety Tips

Always read the instructions on the firework.

  • Place the firework on flat ground. You can use a wooden board cut to size. Bang a stake or post into the ground until it is secure and attach the firework to the back of the stake so that the stake is between the firework and your audience. That way if the firework becomes unattached and falls over it will fall AWAY from the spectators.  You can attach the cake to the stake using strong tape (2″ gaffer) or by using cable ties. It is best to attach it in two places – the middle and towards the top edge of the cake. Make sure that if you damage the wooden stake when banging it in that no part of the stake is over the top of the cake.
  • Locate the fuse. It is usually under an orange cover with the word FUSE on it. Please note that some cakes have two fuses – more on this later!
  • Remove the orange fuse cover and if required pull the fuse through the clear cellophane on top of the cake for easier access.
  • Ensure that no part of your body is over the firework.
  • Standing sideways, at arm’s length light the tip of the fuse and retire immediately to the stated distance on the firework label.

2nd/Reserve fuse instructions

If the first fuse fails and the firework has a 2nd fuse follow these instructions. DO NOT return to the firework immediately but leave the firework for at least 15 minutes in case of delayed ignition. At no point put ANY part of your body that you wish to keep over the top of the firework. Locate the reserve/2nd fuse signified by the words RESERVE FUSE UNDER THIS COVER or by the number 2. Remove orange fuse cover and if required pull fuse through clear cellophane for easier access. Then follow procedure as above.

Additional safety tips: Angle cakes slightly away from your spectators so that the debris lands in the fallout area. You can do this by placing a piece of timber underneath the board on which your firework is placed. If your firework isn’t on a board you will NOT be able too angle it. The entire base of the cake must be in contact with a hard surface.  Pay particular attention to the orientation of  W-shape, Z-shape and fanned cakes. If not set up correctly they can fire their shots towards members of the audience. Check the labelling carefully and set up accordingly. Ensure there are no overhanging trees and/or cables above where you’re firing. Although some of our smaller cakes are F2 and labelled for viewing at 8m, for a few we recommend a minimum of 15m. This will be shown next to each individual item.

Be sure to check out our full safety guide page.